What Are We In For?

All types of businesses are utilizing??Landing page optimization??companies when it comes to getting your interest on the web. It is as if all these businesses on the net are being spoiled children using an SEO company to get Daddy’s attention in every area.

It is said that even in the most offensive websites, like that of serial killer fans, that a landing page optimization company was consulted. Everyone from Ed Kempner to Ted Bundy to Billy The Kid, all have these fan base sites that are now employing the use of experts and calculated ideas to place themselves higher into a search engine listing.

To steer clear of some of these brutal sites, there is a safe search engine selection that you can use before searching. You must pick the protected search before each new search on every new engine you use. Your average web surfer is not aware that you can change these selections, which some companies prey on.

All these companies are seeking to get your business, even if it is by accident, with the help of an SEO company??and a great landing page that will pique your interest on what exactly is a Ted Bundy doll. Yes, serial killers have their personal lines of dolls these days. Most of these serial killer lines are not based on real killers, but fictional ones on shows, movies or from literature. Recently, Toys R Us came under fire for carrying the “Dexter” Showtime series line of dolls, mostly because moms were outraged not because it was based on a serial killer, but it came with its own hatchet. So we can keep Barbie on the shelves, with her loyal eating disorder followers, but we cannot have a doll that is from a top rated and well scripted show. Let’s not forget that these Barbie dolls have a huge area for young girls, while the “Dexter” doll is placed high on one lone shelf.

It looks as if there is no respite for those who have a red right hand when it comes to these types of searches or shopping. It makes you long for the old times of the Jason doll or the simple fear derived only from a hockey mask. Way back then the idea of a serial killer doll was just thought of at Halloween night. Now it seems the killer doll business is in full bloom.

It might make you a little apprehensive about where we may end up in another few decades. Maybe we can hire a good landing page optimization company or SEO company for the Dalai Lama or at least for the good of some sort. Until we reach that utopian Xanadu, remember to use the exact search engine safety valve.